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Faial - nicknamed "The Blue Island" due to the abundance of hydrangeas - is in the central group of the Azores archipelago, which sits some 900 miles east of Lisbon and 1900 miles west of New York. The gentle maritime climate and fertile soil just invite you to plant and sow. Perhaps a small holding with a few domestic animals or a house with a kitchen garden and orchard - the self-sufficiency lifestyle is a traditional way of life here. Attractions for visitors to Faial include an impressive "caldeira" in the centre of the island and a volcanic eruption area, at Capelinhos, which was created in 1957 and now has a fascinating interpretation centre underground beneath the original lighthouse.

The marina and harbour are also picturesque, with the thousands of colourful paintings left by visiting yachtsmen. Whale watching has replaced the traditional whale hunting as a way to make a living from the sea and is now offered by various companies operating out of Horta, on Faial and Lajes on Pico.


Pico - just 4 miles away across the channel - has a different feel, with its majestic volcanic peak, which is the highest in Portugal, at 2351 metres, visible from most parts of the island. Vineyards cover large areas of the island, typified by the low volcanic stone walls that protect them from the wind and keep them warm.

An area near Madalena has been noted on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. This and the wine factory are popular places to visit, along with the whale factory in Lajes and the incredible lava tube caves.

São Jorge

São Jorge - 16 miles across the sea from Faial - is a place to truly immerse yourself in nature. With just 9500 inhabitants, who live mostly around the few small towns and on the flat and fertile "fajas", there is plenty of unspoilt countryside to enjoy. São Jorge is known for its delicious cheese, colourful rugs and beautiful crocheted lace-work.

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